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Thursday, April 15, 2010

My movie script, Now I just need to build it!

For every stack of 100 CDs only 1 cd is truly meant for greatness. The others are cast off, hated, cursed, shunned, shredded ,smashed and tossed into a pit of despair.

For years they have waited, bidding their time. Waiting until their masters fell out of favor and they could rise up and take revenge on their true tormentors. This summer, Who will save us?!


In a world that didn't care one bot rose up to destroy the cd coaster....horde.

But to defeat the coasters it had to BECOME that which it hunted. Stalking across the vast cd wastelands CD Avenger battles the evil forces of CDs consuming them so that it can continue its crusades against the vast foe.

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