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Thursday, April 15, 2010

I'm following the rules, from a certain point of view!

I'm not going to be able to build a better coaster bot than anyone else. There is always someone smarter than you out there. I figured instead of making a better bot, I'd focus on trying to make something a little more unique. As such, I've decided to take an unconventional view of the project requirements.

This very well may disqualify me for the contest, which I'm totally fine with, no tears will be shed. I'm not even sure if the idea will work, and I will have to run with it to find out, this blog may document my monumental failure! If there are explosions I hope to capture then on video for you! In any event I hope this is an interesting journey for myself and any readers.

When I first read the contest rules I immediately starting trying to think of ways to submit something unique. I came up with the usual ideas of using the cds as various non-chassis elements (wheels, treads, etc) Then as I thought more about it I realized that the locomotion method was going to be the same for most of the submissions.

This led me to the design I hope to successfully build!

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